Dover Port Berth 7

Products - Bimagrip LS Anti-slip and Waterproofing System
  Acraprime & Emery Bauxite

The Port of Dover is Europe’s busiest ferry port, a vital international gateway for the movement of people and trade with a storied history going back to the Romans. The port is owned and operated by the Dover Harbour Board, a statutory corporation formed by Royal Charter in 1606 by King James I.
 JMS Marine are the chosen contractors for the Port, due to our turn-key expertise to complete jobs in a remarkably swift fashion to a high standard. 


The whole lower and upper span had become worn out over a decade of use from its first application over 10 years ago.

Dover's annual maintenance of the link span provided ideal opportunity for a new heavy duty anti-skid surface.   

The Process

As with all larger link span projects, we turned up to site with our JMS jet surface dryer to enable us to remove the defective existing coating back to bare steel at a high productive rate. This was assisted by our bobcats with abrasive adaptions. 


The corroded span then received captive blasting using JMS blast 245-D Lorry to industry standard SA2.5. Blasted areas were cleaned before receiving a protective coat of anti-corrosive polyurethane primer for long lasting protection. All primed areas were immediately applied after curing with a heavy-duty anti-skid polyurethane resin system, Bimagrip LS. Chosen for its reliability and performance with a 3-5mm Emery aggregate, also chosen for its robustness and suitability. 

The Result
880sqm of heavy duty anti-skid resin was completed in a remarkable four days battling bad weather. Check out our video below on the project to see us in action! 

Be the best and do it right first time.     


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