Flooring Application Systems Include:

- Water Based Epoxy Systems
- Solvent Free Epoxy Systems
- PU-Epoxy Systems
- Decorative Flake Systems
- Hygenic Flooring Systems
- Fast Set/Cure Systems

Flooring Application Sectors

-  Warehousing and Storage Facilities
-  Manufacturing
-  Pharmaceutical
-  Food Processing
- Automotive
- Aerospace

Industrial Flooring Applications

Since JMS inception we have become highly experienced working in pharmaceutical & food processing plants, engineering plants, chemical plants, warehouses, retail outlets, hospitals, distilleries, sewage plants, Along with the automotive & aerospace industry,

From Seamless, anti-slip, chemical resistant or decorative systems, JMS coatings team can provide expertise in supplying hard wearing and easy to maintain flooring installations to solve your flooring problems, grouped with our own in-house preparation team offering the highest quality and best value service. 

As well as extreme durability and easy maintenance, our factory flooring solutions exhibit a range of specialist properties including slip-resistance, impact, chemical and heat resistance.

Many warehouse & storage factories are up and running all day every day and time off can be costly – not to mention it can put the entire business behind – but our flooring systems are quick to install and therefore very little downtime is required.

JMS have the experience and equipment that allows us to complete all installations within a small window, without compromising on quality or professionalism. We’re even able to schedule work to be done during hours in which the factory is closed if required. 

Depending on your requirements we can offer a range of specialist systems to meet the demands of your environment. Our installers are highly skilled and trained in a variety of systems & coatings.


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