MV Vespertine

Remontowa Shipyard - Poland

Successful dry docking resurfacing works completed during the winter months in Gdansk, Poland

  • Surfacing works completed around various other contractors
  • Works completed over one week.
  • 800sqm of defective surfacing stripped back to steel
  • 800sqm was professionally relaid with Bimagrip 
  • New advanced anti-skid was completed over the whole vessel.
  • Works was completed in freezing temperatures with careful planning.



Our client chose JMS for this difficult project due to our expertise in applying anti-skids in adverse weather conditions. The decks existing anti-skid had become severely worn and polished over years of service. The requirement; protect the steel from further corrosion and install a new anti-skid surface for safer and quicker un/loading. 

The nature of the works of a dry docking always require careful planning and timescales to be adhered to in order for the works to flow smoothly & remain on budget for the client and ourselves. Even so, JMS will not cut corners no matter what part of the world the works are taking place.

JMS ensures the decks and ramps steel structure is not compromised when it returns to service. This means we protect your assets decks by removing the old defective surfacing back to steel and captive blasting corroded steel to a SA2.5 standard. We do what we say and strongly advise against overlaying old defective coatings for this reason. 

This preparation is all before a new system is applied with rust inhibiting and corrosion protection properties as well as being fit for the purpose of being an advanced anti-skid system, Our new coating means less maintenance in the future for the owner and more time in service!   


Vessel shifted alongside during the works with the 'fingers' requiring installation amongst others.

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