Primula Seaways

Gothenburg, Sweden August 2019

Safegrip Anti-skid & Sigma Paint 4 coat Application

Primula Seaways is a Roll on/Roll of vessel built in 2004 for DFDS Torline. JMS were chosen to provide a turnkey service renewing the anti-skid & protective paint to the vessels various decks and ramps.


There was 8 days scheduled for the vessels layover with various maintenance works being undertaken before resuming its normal operations. The team was split to maintain maximum efficiency throughout the works to ensure both the painting and anti-skid works were completed in the short turnaround. 

Over 560m2 was applied in total to over 20 different areas

Over 560m2 was applied in total to over 20 different areas throughout the vessel of anti-skid needing to be renewed - these areas were stripped, cleaned and captive blasted to SA2.5 before an anti-corrosive primer application. After curing, JMS operatives installed Safegrip System, the wearing course and high friction surfacing to the most critical areas of the decks and ramps which had become worn out over time. 

2,500m2 was chosen to be renewed to the weather & car decks with a protective paint system. A 4-coat paint system was applied after captive blasting the areas to SA2.5 using PPG products; Sigma Zinc, Sigma Prime followed by a Sigma Cover application with a casted aggregate and then another Sigma Cover application to specification. 

JMS operatives were able to prepare and install the various applications from paint to anti-skid in 6 days with 2 days experiencing weather issues and some wet mornings throughout the remaining 6. All applications were completed before the vessel set sail with paint applications also signed off by an independent inspector. 

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