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Are you looking for specialist surfacing contractors that will plan for every possibility to guarantee the work is delivered on time, accurately and performed in a professional and efficient manner?


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Protective Paint Coatings
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We are a trusted partner who understands the critical role that our customers’ assets and infrastructure play in delivering their business; we share risk with them in delivering innovation and efficiency, and we share the benefits.

The pursuit of excellence is taken very seriously by JMS Lincoln. We operate to the internationally recognised standard of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance.


  • We perform multiple checks before, during & on-site before. Any surfacing contract is only begun once we know, to the best of our knowledge that the project can be delivered safely and effectively
  • JMS is one of the most reputable preparation experts in the world and operates a system that makes full use of new technology for plant, and upskilling of in-house workforce. This enables urgent projects to be planned in efficiently with our committed work, giving our customers much needed help to their urgent requirements.
  • We are a customer-focused service provider and by this we mean that we provide resources to meet and surpass our Clients’ expectations.


  • Working collaboratively at all stages through a single point of contact, available 24-7 daily
  • Detailed planning and preparation on each stage of operations.
  • Our culture of synergy ensures that we openly raise all issues which could create unnecessary cost, delay and disruption at the soonest instance – usually during the quoting process before we even get on site
  • A genuine zero-defect culture and capability
  • Turning up when we say – and completing the programme
  • Efficient working processes and practices supported by our innovative high-performance plant.
  • Skilled personnel, processes and hi-tec equipment ensure efficient working and minimise client down time
  • Fully-equipped and certified teams to ensure continuity of standards and minimise the impact of change

We maintain, upgrade, operate and manage expensive infrastructure and essential equipment for a range of public and private sector customers in the UK and internationally. We provide them with better capability, reliability and availability of their critical assets, and in doing so provide significant cost savings.

No company can match us for speed of efficiency, innovative methods and professionalism. Our turnkey in-house solution entails a project from start to finish, including all aspects of a project such as:

  • Substrate removal of defective paint & anti-skid systems.
  • (We have uniquely designed Jet Engine dryer systems designed by JMS)
  • All types of surface preparation such as captive shot-blasting, scarifying, grinding.
  • (We have the highly modified Blastrac 2-45D lorries which remain the largest mobile captive blasters in the world)
  • Spray or roller applied Primer systems depending on environment or project requirements.
  • Supply and application of heavy duty anti-skid or Protective paint systems, either by hand or spray applied.
  • All waste is either recycled or safely disposed and area is left fully operational and clean.
  • Comprehensive day by day reporting of working events.
  • Sales aftercare  

Health and safety are of paramount importance to us, that’s why all operators are fully qualified and trained to operate our machines to the highest standard expected of them. Certificates can be supplied on request.

We achieve excellent value for our customers and partners. We are now mobilising our huge global expertise alongside the strength of our UK in-house specialist teams, local manufacturing and 30-year knowledge base and experience.

This mix of specialists, innovative resources & global reach, with unique contacts internationally gives JMS an undeniable capability to deliver complex, large-scale projects with our end-to-end offer.

From investment and design stage to construction and maintenance, we focus on providing intelligent and sustainable project delivery to a high degree of excellence.


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