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Project - Immingham Docs

April 2019

Products Used - Bimagrip LS Anti-slip and Waterproofing System
Acraprime & Emery Bauxite 

The Port of Immingham, also known as Immingham Docks, is a major east coast port, located on the south bank of the Humber Estuary, JMS Marine are the first choice contractors for the Port, due to our turn-key ability to complete jobs in a remarkedly swift fashion with the limited time available for the works. 
Multiple areas at different areas of both pontoons and linkspans were marked out, with 500sqm needing refurbishment. Plans were afoot before the works to coincide with the port’s schedule of loading and unloading the various ships entering the busy terminal and to ensure there was no disruption to any normal operations or interference with our own works.  

After marking out each defective area, the sections received heat via JMS jet mounted dryer system which were then stripped using mechanical scraper apparatus. All waste was disposed of safely from the working area. Each section then received blasting using JMS blast 245-D Lorry, one of the largest mobile captive blasters in the world to Swedish standard SA2.5. Blasted areas were cleaned before receiving a protective coat of anti-corrosive polyurethane primer. All primed areas were immediately applied after curing with a heavy-duty anti-skid polyurethane resin system, Bimagrip LS. Chosen for its reliability and performance with a 3-5mm Emery aggregate, also chosen for its robustness and suitability.  


500sqm in multiple areas was completed in a remarkable two days with the final third morning used for cleaning the surrounding area and site.

Immingham - Terminal Operations Manager: ‘Everyone at the Terminal is very happy with the professionalism and high-quality standard of work JMS produce. From the rapid turnaround of works - made possible by the skill of their operatives and quality of machinery used, to the clear communication, planning and consideration of the project overall. Whilst remaining within our budget and without any disruption to our operations, job thoroughly well done!’

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