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Ship Decks

We pride ourselves on only applying the best products by doing so, we ensure that your ship remains in service earning you money for as long as possible
With our ability to work to the highest production output, JMS are often the first choice for Shipping operators/managers. Our ability to work at optimum efficiency when it comes to preparation, results in us being chosen for many lay-bys, in-service repairs or dry dockings whether UK or abroad.  

What can our certified turn-key team offer?

Turn-key exterior deck revamp services from:

  • Stripping heavy duty systems using apparatus such as our uniquely designed Jet dryer & Bobcats
  • Abrasive grit blasting open & captive blasting.
  • Protective Paint Finishes 
  • Heavy Duty Anti-Skid Systems
  • Water Jetting

JMS can provide a protective paint system or high friction non-slip waterproof surface for a new build or refurbish an existing substrate with a complete renewal or isolated repairs. With our advanced plant and knowledge - we remove old surfacing, prepare substrates, and apply new surface coatings - just check out our surface preparation page. All done ‘in-house’ without the need to source any external contractors for any part of the process, making us a proven seamless cost-effective solution. 

Quick turnarounds are often required in the marine world, and unpredictable ever-changing schedules makes us flexible whilst maintaining our own high standard quality of work. We can provide a complete flexible turnkey package for all surfacing contracts. Often working together with the client to ensure as little disruption as possible with operations resuming as normal.

Safety and efficiency are of supreme importance during marine cargo handling operations. We only use proven anti-skid systems recognised in the marine industry, product performance coupled with our thoughtful preparation makes JMS among the world leading safe surfacing solution for the ramps of PCTCs and RoRo/RoPax vessels and others. 

Anti-skid systems is considered by many ship owners to be the best alternative to traditional welded bar systems. We have the ability to perform enclosed vacuum blasting on chevrons, a very exclusive and a much cleaner, faster way to prepare the steel than open grit blasting.

See our example case study

We have vast experience of working in difficult environments completing many refurbishment projects to a variety of vessels, efficiently & professionally. This includes a full range of design services including technical detailing and construction of specifications. All services are carried out to current IMO and ISO classifications for all Freight, Cruise and Ferry operators.